Unimog U 529



Makes living with Unimog a pleasure: the cab.

The Unimog is built to achieve great things. Unimog features a well-thought out and productive workplace for both driver and co-driver. The spacious cab and the flat cab floor provide ample head and leg room. The intuitive operating controls make daily operation more efficient. Controls are arranged so that they can be reached easily.

Climb in. Feel good. Get going.

The Unimog implement carrier is one of the most modern workplaces around. It includes the standard. In conjunction with the low-vibration cab, the optional air-sprung driver’s seat helps reduce fatigue. And anyone spending longer periods of time in the new cab comes to appreciate the powerful air-conditioning and heating system: regardless of the weather, it ensures comfortable temperatures inside the vehicle.

Areas of application.

Remarkably versatile: system and implement-carrying expertise.

Unimog is unparalleled when it comes to versatility. The Unimog implement carrier is a unique vehicle concept which was specially developed for implement carrier operations. In conjunction with qualified implement partners, tailored solutions are created that increase productivity and vehicle usage through multiple applications. Even in terms of implement operation and control, the implement carrier is a

Pure competence: the all-year-round all-rounder.

Maximum versatility.

The Unimog implement carrier has more than earned its reputation as a workhorse. It delivers top-level performance in the most diverse of disciplines, 365 days a year. This is thanks to the impressive four attachment and mounting areas which the Unimog offers. The hydraulic, mechanical and electrical supply of implements makes working particularly flexible whilst also providing the right type of drive for any of the innumerable tasks the Unimog will face.

System competence.

Desirable workplace.

The Unimog implement carrier is more compact and manoeuvrable than any other truck of its kind: short wheelbases starting at 3350 mm, the small turning circle and the optional rear-axle auxiliary steering simplify manoeuvring, even in the tightest of spaces. Despite these small dimensions, something which is big are the user-friendliness and ergonomics of the modern cab. Here, numerous requests from users were also implemented as part of the vehicle’s development.

The comfortable seating position behind the front axle, simple implement operation using the multifunction joystick and the settings options for all vehicle functions in the instrument cluster are just a few examples of the high driving and operating comfort which can be experienced in the Unimog implement carrier.


Working safely.

With the Unimog, not only are its users safe on the road, but also other road users. The most important features are: outstanding visibility to the front thanks to the short bonnet; directional stability; ABS; precision steering; optimum axle load distribution; and the workplace with three-point seat belt and head restraint, which is mounted in such a way as to ensure minimal vibrations.

The exterior design with its short front-end and very wide field of vision over both the driving and working areas make the Unimog a particularly safe commercial vehicle. The windscreen wiper system is mounted above the windscreen and optimises the cleaning of the windscreen, especially in the case of winter service work. What’s more, the headlamps featuring daytime driving lights not only help Unimog users to see better, but also to be seen better. The optional front-end camera and monitoring system also improves vision in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle and makes the mounting of implements easier at the front.

The front-end dimensions and the position of the driver are especially important when working with front-mounted implements. The Unimog minimises blind spots to the front, even when operating with large implements like snow ploughs.

Its balanced axle load ratio is particularly helpful to the Unimog when cornering on slippery road surfaces top performer. Plus, the removable multifunction joystick makes operation simpler and safer.

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